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Marketing Research

Every manager has to take decisions. Whether these decisions turn out to be right or wrong depends on accuracy and timeliness of information a manager gets. Where to get this information from? Surely from marketing research results.   

Marketing research helps to find the answers to most of the questions about analyzed market and mediates between the company and consumers. Information of high quality at the right moment is the key to success that will let you to outstrip your competitors and to assume the leadership at any market. 

Marketing research conducted by Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” enables you to: 

  • Estimate market size, structure and progress trends.
  • Reveal your main competitors, their market position and share as well as competitive ability of  your product
  • Get to know your core consumers and prospective buyers, their preferences and their attitude to your company
  • Get customers’ appraisal of your product or provided service
  • Test the concept of a new product or service and form pricing policy at the product introduction stage
  • Choose the most efficient channels and means of advertising influence on customers
  • Test new product or commercial for its perception by target group

What methods of research are chosen for your project depends on objectives and goals set in every particular case. Our skilful specialists will help you to choose the most efficient methods of research that will favour the efficient solving of your problems.