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Focus Rooms

A focus group is a small gathering of people who come together in a group discussion where a moderator leads them through a set of questions on a particular topic. The number of participants usually ranges from 5 to 12 people who have been recruited in accordance with the research objectives. Group discussions are usually held in a specially equipped room and take from 1,5 to 3,5 hours. The number of focus groups depends on the research goals and on the key characteristics of target audience. As a rule, within one research project not less than 2 focus groups are conducted.


Public Opinion Institute (IOM) “Qualitas” has wide experience in organizing and conducting focus groups. Our highly skilled moderators can hold a focus group discussion of any difficulty and with any target audience. Quiet design of our focus room creates excellent conditions favourable for open discussion and free-flowing communication of respondents. We do our best to create the most relaxed atmosphere in which to conduct the research.

Our Facilities

The focus room of IOM “Qualitas” is equipped with professional video and audio translation and digital recording facilities. You can watch the real-time discussion through the one-way observation mirror and on the TV-screen through video link from a spacious clients viewing room sitting on a cosy sofa and drinking a refreshing cup of tea. The focus room is also equipped with all the necessary facilities for showing commercials (TV set and DVD player), a flipchart, adhesive notes, colored marking pens, and other materials for capturing the comments of participants and making those comments visible to the entire group. Both the focus and viewing rooms are air conditioned.

Moreover, our research tracking system allows us to monitor all past participation of respondents by subject matter and client. This makes it possible from the very beginning of recruiting to eliminate “professional” respondents who took part in focus groups and other market research projects for several times.


Extended Services

We have an opportunity to conduct simultaneous focus groups in two separate focus rooms in the office. Also we can organize simultaneous translation of a focus group discussion if necessary.

Clients’ and respondents’ refreshments are included in the focus room hire charge. What is more, we offer clients dishes of Italian and Japanese cuisine.  

Outcomes and Deliverables

As the outcome of focus groups you receive a brief or a full analysis report that describes the purpose of the study, the procedures, the findings and, perhaps most important and significant themes that emerged within and between focus group sessions. Also we can pass the following deliverables to you: video and audio records, notes and transcripts of the sessions. To top it all, we can organize a presentation to the client in the language of a client.