The Quality Has a Name.
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Our History and Mission

We started operating on Russian market of sociological and political research since 1989 as Russian Institute for Public Opinion and have become pioneers in that field in Voronezh region. In 1992 the range of the company activities was expanded to include marketing research ), which eventually led to the appearance of “Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” as it is known today. As the needs of our clients evolved, we evolved with them. Now thanks to our partners the field of our work comprises more than 50 Russian cities

“Qualitas” is translated from Latin as “quality”. Ever from the start we followed the principle of uncompromising quality doing our best to realize the slogan “Top Quality at Your Service”. Our customers invariably find the data we gather to be reliable and timely. This is due to the fact that everybody in the company shares the attitude of “full responsibility” for the result we present to our clients. Besides, our team has long-term experience in research and can deal with a research of any difficulty.  

Clients share their problems with us and we undertake to find the most efficient ways of solving these problems. We guarantee the strict confidence of all the information we get during the research and you can be confident that all the research data is safe.  

Being the members of ESOMAR we strictly adhere to ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. Also we fully abide by Articles adopted by the Association of Regional Sociological Centres “Group 789” . These Articles take into account all the research work regulations which professional researchers on Russian market should follow. We believe that research standards compliance lets us carry on the tradition of quality accepted in the international research society. 

That is why research results submitted by the Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” are esteemed so highly by managers of large and small companies, financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, venture funds etc.) as well as by political leaders at regional and federal levels.

We are always committed to satisfying the needs of our clients and to providing them the most efficient and high quality results.