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Public Opinion Institute (IOM) “Qualitas” is a member of the international professional association ESOMAR - European Society on Public Opinion and Marketing Research and fully bides by the  ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. This means that we adhere to all principals of international research community and current legislation. We strictly watch over the objectivity and veracity of research results and keep strict confidence of our clients information. 

Also IOM “Qualitas” is a member of the Association of Regional Sociological Centres “Group 789 , which unites the most advanced regional research companies from 21 Russian regions. The members of “Group 789” take part in conducting joint surveys under a single banner for social and commercial purposes. Association of Regional Sociologic Centres “Group 789” has adopted Articles that take into account all the research work regulations which professional researchers on Russian market should follow.  

General director of IOM “Qualitas” Nelly Romanovich has been elected regional vice-president of Russian Society of Sociologists (ROS) which has 63 regional departments in Russia and the total number of ROS members exceeds 3500 people. ROS is a national member of International Sociological Association and European Sociological Association and organizes on regular basis All-Russian sociological congresses, seminars, school of young sociologists, contests of scientific publications etc.

Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” is one of the oldest members of non-profit organization Russian Marketing Association (NPO “RAM”), which now unites 126 companies from 35 regions of Russia.

In addition IOM “Qualitas” is one of the founders of Limited liability company “Joint Marketing Agency “Marketdata  that conducts all types of market research in Moscow and its region as well as in other parts of Russia.