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Voronezh City and Our Office Location

The office of Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” is situated in the heart of Voronezh, on its main street Prospect Revolutsii also known as Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya. Our office is located in historical building which was built in 1880-s and was announced to be an object of cultural heritage.
The total area of the office is more than 320 square meters which has given us the opportunity to create the most comfortable conditions for conducting all types of research projects and efficient work of employees.


A few facts about Voronezh:

Voronezh is a large city situated in the Western part of Russia and founded in 1586. It is located 300 miles. from Moscow to the southwest and can be easily reached from Moscow by an overnight train or an hour flight. Voronezh city is an administrative center of Voronezh region and the capital of Central Black Earth Region of Russia – a social and economic association comprising Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel and Tambov regions with a total population of 10 million. The population of Voronezh is about a million. The city is divided into six administrative districts.

Voronezh has important manufacturing industries, for example aviation and spacecraft manufacturing, engineering works (producing agricultural and food industry equipment, excavators, and diesel motors) and chemical plants (manufacturing synthetic rubber and pharmaceuticals). Other products include building materials and foodstuffs. According to economic studies, Voronezh can look forward to the future with confidence. Not only is it set to benefit further from its excellent communications with the rest of Russia, but the city is also establishing its links with Europe, China and the USA through its ambitious development programme.

Today Voronezh is also home to over 30 higher education establishments providing training for over 120,000 students in various specializations. Voronezh universities take part in international scientific and educational programmes — UNESCO, European Union etc. Cultural life of Voronezh is rich and versatile. There are 5 theatres, a Philharmonic society, fine arts and local history museums, exhibition and concert halls, a circus, culture clubs and libraries. Voronezh is a birthplace of many academic and cultural figures of international repute.