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Part-time Employees

As we constantly expand the territory of our fieldwork, the number of our partners and freelance employees is also growing. The team of professional interviewers, experienced supervisors and the partners network let Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” work successfully in more than 50 cities of Russia.

  • Interviewers. The team of skilled interviewers in Voronezh alone consists of about 300 people. Among them there are interviewers who work with us for more than 10 years – they have been bestowed the title of “Honoured interviewers”. We carry out professional trainings and briefings for interviewers which demonstrate and explain various methods of data collection. Some interviewers specialize in certain research methods that require not only remarkable grasp of the theory, but also considerable experience: in-depth interviews, expert interview etc.
  • CATI/ CAPI operators. We train a number of interviewers to work in our CATI/CAPI centre  explaining the peculiarities of these interviewing techniques.
  • PC operators. Sometimes we invite PC operators for data array entry.
  • Transcribers. For transcribing the audio and video files into text format we invite skilled users of PC who possess grammatical correctness and high speed of keying in.
  • Translators/Interpreters. If necessary, we can invite professional interpreters and translators for sequential and simultaneous translation which allows to conduct discussion efficiently in foreign languages.