The Quality Has a Name.
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Public Opinion Institute (IOM) “Qualitas” is a leading full-service marketing and social research company in the Central Chernozem region of Russia. We have been successfully operating on Russian research market for 20 years  already conducting both quantative and qualitative research projects.  

We specialize in planning, gathering and analytic treatment of information. Reliable information in good time is just what you need to reach your market goals . Information also gives you the opportunity to keep track of the social processes. The core principal of our work is impeccable quality of the results on every level of collecting and processing the information. We have reflected this in the name of our company – “Qualitas” from Latin is translated as “Quality”.  

We will be of much help to you if you want: 

  • to appraise the situation on Russian market
  • to compare the positions of your business rivals with your company position
  • to explore promising market niches
  • to test new goods and services
  • to study the image of a company or a product in consumers perception
  • to gain in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and habits
  • to determine how your brand fares against stiff competition
  • to develop a strategic project of the company’s course and development
  • to specify the organization's general response to a designated problem or situation
  • to understand better political, economic and social processes going on in the society

We would be happy to see you as our partners and clients!



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