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Sociological and Political Research

Sociological research is a mirror of the state of society that reflects all the changes in it and often plays the role of a thread between public authority and society. Heads of government sometimes take crucial decision based on objective evidence of research, political leaders correct their programmes. Sociological studies also have another important mission – they give everybody the opportunity to express their opinion, to be heard and to find people holding the same views and to feel themselves a part of the whole nation.

Public Opinion Institute (IOM) “Qualitas” is a main research company in Central Black Earth Region of Russia conducting sociological and political studies on regular basis. We pay great attention to studying of political situation and economic circumstances in the region and country, because changes that happen in the society influence all the spheres of life. Social research projects by Public Opinion Institute “Qualitas” show an accurate profile of public opinion at the present moment and make it possible to retrace the trends of social development over a specified period.

Social research enables to:

  • Measure the rating of political leaders
  • Assess the attitude of the population towards institutions of power, political leaders, various movers and shakers.
  • Study political and electoral preferences and public mood
  • Analyze the activity of voters depending on their belonging to one or another electoral group and the efficiency of electioneering.
  • Find out public opinion about current social, political and economic situation both in Voronezh and in the whole Russia.
  • Reveal vexed problems in the society
  • Measure the degree of people awareness of some public event
  • Explore living standards of population and representation of various social classes in this region and in the country
  • Study life styles of varied ranks of society
  • Define the level of industry and agriculture development in the region
  • Find out the condition of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Observe the dynamics of social development and changes
  • Trace back the evolution of values and interests of Russian people
  • Reveal the traits of mentality and sociocultural features of population in this or that region etc.

What methods of research are chosen for your project depends on objectives and goals set in every particular case.

Our skilful specialists will help you to choose the optimal methods of research that will favour the efficient solving of your problems.